Why Your Health Coaching Program May Be Wasting Corporate Dollars

If you’re a benefits consultant or human resources professional, you’re likely aware that healthy employees are more productive, use less sick days and can lower direct costs for employers.

Offering a health coaching program is a great way to improve employee health, but you may be wasting corporate dollars with the wrong approach. Let me tell you why.

  • Many of your employees don’t use it - Traditionally, employers who offer health coaching only offer personalized wellness coaching to their highest-risk employees or all of their employees. In doing so, they pay for each subscription, whether the employee uses it or not. These employers often find that health coaching isn’t widely utilized, resulting in poor results and wasted resources.
  • It isn’t integrated into your existing wellness program - Between careers and busy lives, your employees want simplicity in the products and services they use. Offering health coaching separate from your corporate wellness program can be seen as a hassle, which decreases employee engagement.

How you can offer health coaching without wasting resources

At hubbub health ™, one company within the Cambia family of companies that are innovating health care, we heard from benefit consultants and human resource managers that they’re tired of wasting their resources on ineffective health coaching. So, they asked us to build something different for their companies.

We created a health coaching model that’s cost-effective and streamlined for employers and employees. hubbub’s fully integrated coaching program allows employers to pay a per-employee cost for health coaching, and only for employees who opt in. We’ve found that not everyone is ready to make changes, so our philosophy is to coach the ready, which leads to better outcomes.

Watch the video below or visit the hubbub coaching news release for more information on how you can decrease waste in your corporate wellness program.