Talking the Talk, Walking the Walk - A Player Success Story

one player loses 30 lbs practicing what she preaches

Wellness is not one size fits all, and neither is success. So what does wellness success mean? At hubbub, we think it means something different for everyone. And we believe everyone needs to find what works best for them in order to get there.

It wasn’t so much junk food as it was too much food… and not exercising. “On any given day, I could be at the office, offsite with clients, working from home or out of town on business.” Sherry knew something had to be done to accommodate her busy schedule, often working outside the normal 9 to 5. And then, Sherry, an insurance broker, met an interesting wellness product called hubbub that she’d soon be offering to her clients. “If I was going to talk the talk, I figured I’d need to walk the walk.”

One year later and 30 pounds lighter, Sherry is still using hubbub for herself and encouraging her clients to do the same. “I’m a believer in employers taking responsibility for the welfare of their employees.” The prime example of practicing what you preach, Sherry or player name “Sherrysoup” has a unique relationship to hubbub and allowed us to take a peek.

Q: If you had to sum up hubbub into one word, what would it be?

A: Motivate. I started hubbub thinking it would be temporary, but that was over a year ago. I use hubbub to challenge myself and work on areas I know need work but are hard to do without a push. Challenges motivate me to startup something new and then keep going.

Q: How has hubbub helped you commit to daily wellness?

A: I used to try to have a regular workout time, but something would always come up. When I started hubbub, I got into the habit of checking in on my challenges every morning – making sure I was doing my healthy morning activities, like taking vitamins and drinking water – So, I started using that time to also look at my calendar for the day and see where a workout might fit in. Being flexible and just planning the day-of made a huge difference. I work out six days a week now.

Q: How has work changed for you since joining hubbub?

A: Initially, the #1 driver to join hubbub was my employer. It was presented to us as a product offering for clients, but I really wanted to get in to better shape, so I was curious to try it myself. Since then, exercise is a priority at work and encouraged by everyone no matter what time it is – even if it’s 10am and the workday has just begun. We talk about what we’re doing, what we’re eating. We motivate each other.

Our clients see us as partners rather than brokers because we believe in hubbub and can talk about it from a personal stance. We don’t sell, we educate. When our clients create company-wide challenges, they invite us to join – and we do.

Q: What does your lifestyle look like now?

A: When I first started hubbub, I exercised rigorously and worked very hard on my diet – I counted calories and forced myself to eat vegetables everyday. I gave myself one day a week to eat whatever I wanted, but soon I wasn’t even craving the junk food anymore. After three months, I’d dropped 30 pounds. I became aware of the toll certain foods were having on my body, I stopped filling my plate at dinner, I cut fast food, I started making a conscience effort to cook. I don’t deny myself chips and salty snacks, which are my weakness, but I won’t go a day without vegetables.

Q: What types of activities are you doing to maintain the new you?

A: I sort of work out areas of my body by season – since summer is coming up, I’m focusing on my arms and chest. I sign up for just about any running challenge, and I joined a gym so I could keep running through the winter. I’ve taken up Zumba, which I do three times a week. I count my steps every day, and I do crunches and pushups.

Something I never used to use were the gyms at the hotels I frequented. Now, I won’t leave home without packing my workout clothes and sneakers.

I’m not so good with relaxation activities, but after joining a book club challenge, reading has become my way of winding down. It helps me fall asleep at night and helps me pass the time when I’m traveling on business.