Reduce Stress Creatively

Walking around with high levels of anxiety and stress could mean trouble. Consider creating a life for yourself with more fun and more relaxation. What does that look like for you? Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

Ok, some of you may not find dancing "stress-less" but many of you probably would if you gave it a chance. Dancing can be a sure fire way to let off some steam, have fun with your friends or dancing partners and get in a little extra physical activity. Go out for a night of dancing and count it as your exercise for the day!

Music, singing and laughter
We all need a decent amount of cortisol (stress hormone) in our system to respond healthily to the stressors of everyday life. But, if we have too much stress, cortisol can rise significantly in our system and wreak havoc on our heart health, thus increasing blood pressure. Studies are suggesting that music, singing and laughter can help turn this around. So crank up the tunes, sing in the shower and laugh your high cortisol levels away. Anyone have a good joke?

Mindfulness and meditation
More and more research is providing evidence on the positive effects of meditation on the physical body, including lowering blood pressure. Learning to sit still, relax and slow your mind are all essential to meditation, but don’t be fooled – there is not one "right way" to meditate. Don’t let the fear of doing it wrong stop you from trying. Go on and give it a whirl. Simply sit comfortably in a quiet space, relax your mind and body and take in deep and even breaths for a few minutes each day. Your heart will thank you for it! Get more ideas on meditation here.

Stay Connected
Yes, having relationships with others can truly help lower stress levels (most of the time!), bring meaning to your life and impact your mental and physical well-being. Don't stop reaching out – make friendship a priority! Even simple things like volunteering can significantly impact your stress levels – so, help yourself by helping someone else!

Got a creative stress-reliever to share with others? We’d love to hear it.

hubbub Coach Janet

Experience: 15-year Health Promotion/Coaching professional Certification: Registered Nurse (RN); Candidate Nurse Practitioner, APRN Education: BA Business and Biology; MA Organizational Management