Live intentionally

I just spent the last 3 hours revving into my day. Wake up, shave, shower, get dressed. Grab my phone, scan for important emails. Get into the car for a commute downtown. Starbucks drive through, read my phone. Commute slowly. Scan Twitter. Do more email. Get to work. Daily stand up. Talk to people about what needs to get done. Talk to other people about what isn't getting done.

My heart rate slowly increasing, the volume of my voice edging upward. The intensity of my thoughts growing.

Then I sat down and stared out the window. The breeze was blowing a nearby tree and the sun was shining directly on to its leaves. I began to notice the different shades of green as the wind twisted the branches in different directions. Then I saw some yellow, realizing the turn we just made from August to September. The wind gusted and shifted directions, some leaves slowly drifted to the ground.

I became aware of my heart beat slowing. The volume of my inner voice quieting. My thoughts became more clear.

What's the difference between a routine and a rut? A habit and a hole? In the blink of an eye, we can be caught up by the circumstances of the moment and before we know it, the day, the week, the month has past.

Live intentionally. Be actively aware of your default state of mind and ask yourself, "Is that how I want to be?".

David Foster Wallace said it beautifully to a graduating class at Kenyon College in 2005. This animated excerpt of that speech is something worth watching.