The Slow Hunch

This TED talk from 2010 is great for anyone interested in fostering or continuing innovation and creativity in their work or personal lives.

Steven Johnson walks us through his thoughts on where good ideas come from with fascinating stories about neo natal incubators in the developing world, Sputnik and modern day GPS.

Do ideas really come to us in a lightning bolt of inspiration or do they develop slowly over time? And are ideas better off protected or shared?

I'm a believer in the Slow Hunch, an idea that builds upon itself in the deeper, subconscious parts of your brain. I'm also a believer in ideas as networks that interact and enhance each other. I think the lightbulb, or "a ha" moment is the emergence of the Slow Hunch out of the background of your thought process and into the foreground of awareness.

Our challenge as innovators, as creators and as leaders is to strive to put ourselves and our teams in the right mental and physical space to take advantage of these concepts.