I AM NOT QA: a software quality engineer rant

this post was originally published on medium.com on March 25, 2014 and is being reproduced here with the author's consent.

I am not what James Whittaker says is dead.

I do not spend my day giving executives assurance.

I am not a separate organization.

I do not do what James Bach calls "Fake Testing".

I do not sit on the other side of the wall.

I do not "sign off" on releases.

I do not wait until it "is ready for QA".

I do not estimate and plan a "test phase".

I do not take weeks to test.

I test.

I help everyone test.

I automate.

I automate everything!

I can read code.

I can write code.

I understand and advocate for quality design.

I grep error logs... a lot.

I help define the requirements.

I have a "DevOps mindset".

I care about code readability, complexity & churn.

I care about performance and scalability.

I am a software engineer.

I help improve the way we make software.

I am a member of the team and we make great software!


-- james eisenhauer

Chief Robot Officer for hubbubhealth, Data Nerd, Software Engineer, Curator @PDXSelenuim & Automator of all things