I trust that...

this post was originally published on medium.com on February 18, 2014 and is being reproduced here with the author's consent.

Lately I’ve found myself having extremely frank, open and at times uncomfortable conversations with my team. Conversations about ideas, about progress, about our performance. As I sat under the hair dryer on Saturday with the bleach setting, I came up with the following beliefs and tapped them out on my phone.

I repeat them here for several reasons; as a reminder to myself, as an attempt to begin formally defining hubbub's culture and as an offer to anyone else who wants to create a culture of trust in their company.

To my team:

1- I trust that you're responsible.
2- I trust that you care as much about our customers as I do.
3- I trust that you'll do the right thing.
4- I trust that you'll ask somebody if you're unsure.
5- I trust that you will think for yourself.
6- I trust that you will make mistakes.
7- I trust that you will learn from them.
8- I trust that you have high expectations.
9- I trust that you want to learn something new.
10- I trust that you want to have fun.

11- I trust that you want badly to create something awesome.

Yes, there are many other things missing from this list. I trust that you won’t break the law, I trust that you’ll wear clothes to the office. Those are table stakes, a given. They’re also somewhat covered by “being responsible” and “doing the right thing”. The point being, no this list isn’t exhaustive, nor is it meant to be.

Okay, maybe one more.

12- I trust that you can help this company be as great as we all want it to be.

And now, re-publishing this post here to a slightly different audience, you all might also understand a little bit more about why hubbub works the way it does, or is designed the way it is.

-- adam