5 devices, 4 measurements and counting

Lately here at hubbub we've been (re)focusing on improving the number of devices we integrate with and what kinds of data we take from them.

You may have noticed recently that your activity stream looks a little different:

We're pleased to report that we now integrate with:

If you have one of these devices and you haven't connected it to your hubbub account yet, it's quite easy.

Just login and select Manage Devices from the drop down selector in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Additionally, as 2014 progresses, we'll be adding support for:

  • the Fitbit Aria scale
  • calories burned data (availability varies by tracker)
  • sleep data (availability varies by tracker)
  • very active minutes of exercise (availability varies by tracker)

And we're not just focused on physical devices either. Other popular tracking apps you may use on your mobile device (if of course, said app allows you to share that data with us) are being evaluated.

Stay tuned and we'll keep you posted.

psst - we also integrate with a device made by a popular shoe/apparel company in the Pacific Northwest, but the integration isn't official because they won't partner with us. email support at hubbub health dot com if you'd like more information.